What do these taste like?


A light mild buttery flavor!

Great in smoothies & breakfast burrito type foods!

Sweet Pea

A sweeter pea taste!

Try them in salads, main entrees or stir fry!


A nice little bite!

For a slight peppery kick, add these to your favorite sandwich or wrap!


This is a farm to you product grown in dirt & not washed to preserve the quality of this product. Dirt particles may be found in the product, so wash before use. 

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• One 1/2lb of Sunflower for $12.00 +      $5 Shipping.
• Three 1/2lb of Sunflower for $36.00 +      FREE shipping!
• Buy Five 1/2lb packages of Sunflower      and get the Sixth FREE + No shipping!
     all just for $60!!

Sweet Peas


• One 1/2lb of Sweet Peas for $12.00 +      $5 Shipping.
• Three 1/2lb of Sweet Peas for $36.00 +      FREE shipping!
• Buy Five 1/2lb packages of Sweet Peas      and get the Sixth FREE + No shipping!
    all just for $60!!



• One 1/2lb of Radish for $12.00 +      
     $5 Shipping.
• Three 1/2lb of Radish for $36.00 +      FREE shipping!
• Buy Five 1/2lb packages of Radish      and get the Sixth FREE
    Shipping Included all for just $60!!

More options!

• Not sure which one you'll like best??
  Order a 1/2lb of each to test them
  out and keep your fridge stocked!
  all just for $25.00!

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Clover & Broccoli Microgreens!

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